Eating organic

When most of us think about organic food, the first thing we often think is EXPENSIVE. And whilst that might be true for some fruit and vegetables, it isn’t true for everything. Which is why when I decided to start eating organic I did as much research as possible. Not only because I wanted to learn about the benefits (and figure out if it was actually worth it). But also to see if I could actually afford to. Luckily for me I live in an area where organic is not just for the super rich but rather a lifestyle, most people around me try to follow. Not only for quality purposes, but also for nutritional and health purposes too.

Which is why when I heard there was a small farmer who sold produce just 10 minutes away from our house I was beyond excited. Even though I am a self confessed food snob, I took the plunge one Saturday morning and headed to the market. Not only was the place packed. The farmer also had a lot more options than I had anticipated. Given that organic is most of the time seasonal. I also didn’t have to think too long when I filled up my basket with fresh fruit and vegetables. Because everything they sold was what was in season. A sort of, you get what you see scenario.

Which can sound scary at first but, after a few trips to the market helped me expand my knowledge of fruits and veg that I didn’t normally buy. I also ended up being more mindful of what I picked up and actually cooked more. Because unlike food with GMO’s and other chemicals. Organic food doesnt last forever, and so you are almost forced to cook it sooner rather than later. And the total price tag for my weekly organic fruit and veg? Somewhere between R200.00 and R400.00 depending on how much produce they have.

Not only does my gut feel better, I also am less likely to binge on junk food for snacks, as organic fruit and veg tastes sooooo good that you want to eat it all the time. Which is a win win for a constant nibbler like me. Its inspired me to start a little veg garden of my own complete with potatoes, tomatoes and peppers.


What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!