Why being on time is important

Every continent and country has certain stereotypes attached to it. Some good, some bad, and some plain nonsense. But for the most parts stereotypes are actually true. At least to some degree. One of the many stereotypes about Africans and the people on the African continent is our lateness. We’ve all heard or even made the comment “Running on African time.” And Whilst this may seem like one of the more mild stereotypes. Being known for lateness is never a good thing. Not for anyone.

Not only can being late make you miss out on great opportunities they can also ruin your reputation. Especially when you are late for a job, funding, bursary, scholarship and trust, school or anything else that is time sensitive. Especially as other people will likely not take you seriously if you are always late. And in some countries, being late is seen as a sign of disrespect. As most people will feel that you do not respect their time. And in a world where time is money, being late, can be a big turn off. Which is why its always important to be on time. No matter what the engagement or appointment. Especially if it the first time you meet with someone. Because after all first impression’s last forever.

Which is why when going for an interview you  are always advised to call in if you are going to be late. Which is sometimes can be out of our control. But for the most part being late for something so big can be a big turn off for your future employee. As it reflects badly on your time management. And the interviewer will use your time keeping to see how serious you are about the job offer. Arriving late might kill the chances of you getting the job no matter how good you were during the interview.

Which is why I ask that you start taking time management seriously ladies. Not just for yourself, but also for your future. As the saying goes, “time wasted is never regained”. Let’s us be time conscious and manage our time wisely.

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