How to deal with emotional pain

We have all experienced emotional pain at one point or other in our lives. Which is why knowing how to deal with it is important. Knowing what to do can help you deal with emotional pain better. And teach you how to expand your perspective rather than limit it. By looking beyond yourself and the world and opening your perspective. Its becomes easier to move away from the painful situation rather than getting stuck in it.

This may be as simple as reaching out to friends or family. Or even making a new friend, reading a new book, or getting involved in a project or class. Be proactive. After all, pain can be an opportunity for growth. However it can be hard to take on that attitude without accepting pain first. Instead of resenting pain, see it as a lesson to live your purpose in life.

Some of the things I like to do when I am in emotional pain is to use positive affirmation. These help boost my self-esteem. And remind me than I am bigger and stronger than any emotional pain. I also like to  write in my journal. This helps to get what ever feelings of pain, anger or disappointment out of my system. And whilst it may seem old fashioned, it has done wonders for me when going through emotional pain. So ladies, what are some things you do when you are in emotional pain? And what are some tools you use to overcome them?

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