Are lies worth it?

I have always believed that everyone is capable of lying. After all we have all lied at some point or other. Whether the lie was small, or big doesn’t really matter. The point is just that we have all lied for one reason or another. But are lies good or bad?

After all, a lie can save you from danger but sometimes lying can actually get you into trouble. Which is why its important to know when to lie and when not to. And also why you are lying.

Before lying, there are things that you need to consider. Depending on the situation you are in, you need to think about the consequences and the people or person you’re lying to. Think about your character and how you will be perceived if the truth was found out. And figure out the lie is actually worth it.

Do not lie unnecessarily, especially when you need help or want to get out of something. Rather tell the truth. Yes not everyone will want to help you or accept that you don’t want to go out and party because you prefer to be at home. But rather it be true than a lie because sometimes it might blow up in your face. And when you really come to think of it, most of the lies we tell are not worth it. And when the truth about the lie comes out end up hurting people.


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