How group workouts helped my confidence

I’ve always thought of working out, or rather the gym, as a place to be alone. A place for me to workout my stress and anxiety and stay away from people. So much so that I would always find the smallest most far removed corner to get my workout in. Or better yet, go to the gym when it was the emptiest. That is until one day when I was bored with my gym routine and decided to take a class. I was anxious that I wouldn’t be able to keep up, or even finish the class.

Especially because I have been so used to working out alone. And ending my workout when I felt I couldn’t go on anymore. That all changed a few weeks ago when in a high intensity class called GRID, I went in to seat it out with some strangers. Although I was nervous, I found the experience more relaxing than I had thought. Not only was ever very supportive of one another. But the group atmosphere was also one of positivity. Where everyone had the same goal. To become stronger, fitter, versions of themselves.

With women of different ages, backgrounds, races and fitness levels pushing one another. I felt at home and relaxed. especially when for one particular exercise I was struggling through an older woman encouraged me to do 6 more sets. After the class I felt protected, more open and ready to take on the world.

Because lets face it, we currently live in a world where so much bad stuff is happening. Where work, life, school and everything in between can feel like one big drag. And most of the time, you wish someone would just give you a hug and a push (with a smile) to let you know you are not alone. After my first class I have started going back more and more. Ready to push and be pushed. To continue on my journey to better mental and physical health. And to be with a group of women who want the same, and do the same with a big smile, and a whole lot of sweat.

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