Autumn/Winter skincare update

With the dip in temperatures, its only normal for skin to start feeling a bit dry and flaky. Which is why I have added a few new step’s to my everyday routine, to help with dryness. Whilst my routine may seem like a lot for some people, for me its the perfect excuse to spend a little me time everyday. After all, with all, like I said a few months ago, 2018, is about selfcare more than anything else. In what ever form that may be. For me, thats dedicating 10 minutes to my skin.

With all this time spent on my skin, it was important for me to add steps that were natural but also hydrating. Which is why after some research, I now oil cleanse. Which is simply applying a thin layer of oil to your face; I use coconut oil. And then wiping it off with a cotton pad. I like to do this to remove any makeup I’ve had on during the day. Or just the dust and pollution from my skin. I like to follow this up with my usual cleanse, with not one but two cleansers (yes I know, it sounds like a lot but trust me it works.)

After my cleanse I tone and rehydrate my skin with an essence. Essence is a thin, water like substance that is very popular in Japan and that helps keep skin hydrated. Not only is essence easier to absorb than most creams. It also has the added benefit of making my skin feel less dry in the morning. I usually follow this up with my usual day or night cream and SPF during the day. What are some of the changes you are making to your skin care routine?

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!