The “yellow bone” effect

In the 90’s we grew up in a society that didn’t care whether you were light skinned or dark skinned. Because beauty was seen in all aspects of human form. These days beauty is defined by the shade of your skin. Which has a really negative impact not only on children born now but also adults.

The term ” yellow bone” in South Africa has been a trend for some time now. A term that refers to a lighter skinned black person. In many communities and cultures it is believed that being light skinned, “yellow bone”, is better than being dark skinned.

This issue is serious because people now go for bleaching processes to be yellow bone as they feel less beautiful. There is even a story I heard of my classmate’s children that painted themselves with household paint all over their bodies because they wanted to be yellow bone. It sounds hilarious yet its a critical issue when a child starts to think that painting themselves will turn them into a different skin shade. And that only when they are lighter/whiter, they will be beautiful. And are willing to risk of ending up in hospital just to lighter.

The saddest part was hearing that 1 of the 3 children was in ICU and the doctors had no hope that she’ll wake up from the life support machine (ventilator). For any mother that’s the worst news she could ever wish to hear.

We need to realize how beautiful we are regardless of what skin shade we are. My advice would be to teach your children to love and appreciate who they are. As they are, nothing is wrong with them and they are beautiful in what ever skin shade they are in.

And for the adults, learn to understand that society will confirm what is best for them at that moment and the after effects are never considered. Appreciate yourself first, and the world will eventually see you as you see yourself.

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