Why being pushed out of our comfort zone is good for us

Is it really possible to enjoy finding ourselves unsure and out of our depth? I strongly believe it is. Having to stand up and present in front of a group of people totally pushed me out of my comfort zone. I am not sure when the anxiety and almost fear arose within me. But presenting would leave me shaking, my voice quivering and my palms almost dripping with sweat.

As it would become closer to my turn the dread would build and my heart would start racing. I am quite shy but not that shy. And never had a problem sharing my opinion. But putting myself on centre stage left me falling apart. I knew it pushed me out of my comfort zone completely and yet I also knew I could not avoid it. So I decided to take steps to conquer my fear and it taught me a lot.

Stepping out of our comfort zone can trigger a lot of fears and anxieties. Largely because we are scared to fail. What I have learned about stepping out of my comfort zone is that it has been key to reaching my goals. It is the zone where I have found out what I am made of and has led to more experiences and opportunities. It has also made me more confident.

I have adopted the attitude to see being out of my comfort zone as an opportunity. That even if it doesn’t go well, I will have learnt from the experience and that can only help me for the next time. It is often the case that our failures are the best stepping stone to our success. And a life-long lesson that our vulnerability is not a weakness but a show of our inherent strength.


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