Moving against depression

For the past few weeks I have been struggling with anxiety and depression that has left me feeling helpless and also tired. Whilst my initial instinct was to rest and let my body go through the motions of it all. My mind said to get moving. Which is why I have upped my workouts to 5 times a week (at least) to help my mind move from a negative to a positive state. Whilst this many workouts can seem like a lot when your body and mind don’t feel at their best. Doing this has helped me so much in gaining control over my thoughts.

Instead of feeling like I have no control. I am reminded every time I go to gym that I have control over my body. And not just my body, but my mind too. Forcing it to look beyond the pain sometimes experienced at gym to seeing the positive side. The side where I feel a little less anxious and more in control. What are some things you like to do to help you move past negative thoughts?

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!