Why getting a hobby is good for you

My mom suggested after seeing me on my phone a lot that I perhaps should find a more physical activity to do. I thought about it and realized that a hobby isn’t something we do these days. With social media being at the forefront of most our communication, getting creative is one of the last things we think of. Which is why, after taking to my mom I decided to take her advice and find a hobby.

During the process of choosing a hobby, I realized there were so many things I could do. Things that were also rewarding. Things such as making my own jewelry. Which was not just relaxing but also allowed me to be creative. From choosing just the right colors and braiding intricate patterns to presenting it to a favorite person and experiencing their surprise and happiness in the gift. And that’s when I realized that I should have done this a long time ago.

Whether you love flower arranging, playing guitar, gardening, creating DIY furniture or making friendship bracelets, hobbies can be soul-nurturing. Hobbies provide physical and mental health benefits by giving a person an alternative place to spend time and mental energy. They can also reinvigorate you after a long and busy day. Which is why making jewelry is not my only hobby.

One of my other hobbies is reading romance novels. Whilst it may not be a physical activity it puts me in another frame of mind and another place. Which helps me deal with stress and cope much better with life

Mentally or physically demanding hobbies, such as playing music and chess and bridge, reading a complex book, or doing physically demanding exercise can definitely help with brain function. This has been documented in the various studies in medical literature.

Because “The brain is like a muscle; the more you use it, the better it gets at what is demanded of it.”. So whether you enjoy hiking, bowling, or book clubs are all examples of group-related hobbies. Bonding with others adds social support to your life which helps lower stress. So get a hobby and enjoy a stress free life.

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