New South African president

After many hash tags calling for former president Jacob Zuma to resign, that day has finally come. Not only has the hasthag #zumamustfall and many disruptive parliament attacks from other political parties been heard. But South Africa now has a new president. On the 14 February 2018 Jacob Zuma resigned. A move which was followed by the ANC’s newly nominated president Cyril Ramaphosa to be ushered in as South Africa’s new president.

With all that we have been through as a nation during Zuma’s term. Many South Africans believe and have hope that better days are ahead of us. To usher in this new era, our new president Ramaphosa was answering questions that the parliament jury had for him. And in so doing made people feel like Ramaphosa was the change the nation needed.

Not only in the way he carried himself, but also through some of the plans he has for the country. I genuinely hope that there will be changes in this country of ours and that he is not just a capitalist. Otherwise he will be removed like his predecessors. With that being said Congratulations President Ramaphosa we wish you all the best.

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