5 transitional pieces to take you from summer to autumn

Whilst autumn is still a few months away, I am already thinking about my autumn wardrobe. Easy transitional pieces that can take your wardrobe from summer to the chillier autumn. Not only are these pieces versatile, but they also can be mixed and matched with anything you have in your closet currently. Which means you won’t only be ready for the cold. But you will also most likely spend less money making your closet cold weather friendly. Here are my top five transitional pieces;

  1. Black leather pants: Whilst leather pants can seem like a pricey purchase. With so many awesome vintage and second hand store’s available, getting your hands on some cool black leather pants is easier than you think. Not only do leather pants provide extra warmth, but they are easy to style with almost anything.
  2. Knitted jersey: This may sound simple but investing a good quality jersey is not only important. It also is function and easy to throw on top of anything. Be sure to choose a neutral colour like grey, black or navy.
  3. Short boots: Whilst long boots are great for winter, short ones are the perfect in-between for summer. Providing you with enough heat to keep your feet warm.
  4. Long vests: As someone who was never a fan of vests, I have come to appreciate their functionality.
  5. Scarf: Whilst the weather is still a mix between summer and autumn, having a scarf to throw on on days or nights out when the temperature drops is the best way to stay warm and look chic. Whether you wrap it around your neck or throw it on your shoulders, a trusty scarf will not let you down.


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