The wisdom of Sundays: Book Review

As someone with a strong spiritual leaning. Its sometimes hard to find a way to express or help my spirituality grow. Which is why when I saw “The wisdom of Sundays” on some of my spiritual friends instagram pages, I was intrigued. Not only did my friends give the book rave reviews. But I could sense from the title and the fact that it was published by Oprah, that it was just the book I was looking for. Fast forward a few months later and I found myself at the airport book store looking for something to read on the plane.

Whilst the book was a little pricy. The look and weight of it helped cure any of my fears. Whilst I didn’t actually get to read it on the flight. I did end up reading it on holiday on the beach whilst my husband was taking a swim in the cold ocean. The book was not only everything I expected and then some. But it also spoke to my spiritual aspirations. Helping me to better understand my spiritual journey and feel a little less alone. Which is why I would highly recommend this book. Not only is it enlightening and filled with what Oprah calls “Ah moments.”. It’s also separated into very short sections which make it easy to navigate.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!