Overcoming trust issues

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have issues that come from our experiences. According to science, these different experiences and can change the way the brain works. Sometime’s for the better, and other times for the worst. Which is why it is important to acknowledge that what we think or feel is usually closely linked to our experiences that we’ve had. Meaning whether we love people easily or have a problem trusting people can usually be linked to your past experiences.

Sometimes we convince ourselves that we react in a certain manner because of the actions taken against us. Forgetting that there are things that we have previously experienced that are the same or similar. And when we experience them again we reflect on them unconsciously and react in the same manner that we have before.

For example if a child is told not to get off a chair because he’ll get hurt. He won’t believe it until he experiences it. And the next time he sees a chair, he will not want to get onto it because of the past experience he had with hurting himself.

Same applies to someone with trust issues. It could be because previously they they’ve had empty promises made to them and that disappointment led to them not easily trusting anything anyone promises to do.

If you have trust issues my advice would be, don’t assume that everyone is the same. Otherwise every situation will turn out the same.
Try to keep anĀ  open mind yet keeping room for disappointment.

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