Pre-workout routine

I’ve shared how much I love a good workout, and after years of waking up the day after a workout and not being able to walk, I have come to learn the importance of stretching before you workout. If you are like me then the sweating part of the workout is what you most look forward too. Which is when and why you may overlook something like stretching. Especially before you start your workout. But as any fitness expert will tell you, stretching is as important as working out. Which is why lately when I work out, I take as much time stretching as I do working out.

Not only does this prevent injuries, although lets be honest sometimes, these still happen. Stretching also helps prepare you mentally for working out. Which is why now have a fail proof way to get my stretch in before any workout. Whether I am doing a light jog or a high intensity workout, getting a stretch in is now a must. Here are some tips for your next workout;

  1. Start from the top: To make sure I don’t miss any muscles, I usually like to start from the top. This means my neck and shoulders and work myself down to my ankles and toes.
  2. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds: Whilst 30 seconds may seem like a long time to hold a stretch, your body will thank you for it later. Which is why I like to hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds.
  3. Be aware: This may sound like a strange one, but being aware of your body is important to help you figure out what parts of your body need a little extra attention. If you are aware, you may be able to catch the tightness in your shoulder and skip or alter workouts that would further tighten this area.
  4. Breathe: When was the last time you took a nice deep breathe? Your stretch isnt just about getting your bod ready for a workout but also your mind. Which is why I like to take deep breathes whilst stretching. This helps put me in a good space and help set my intentions for the day.

I hope these are helpful. And if you are not sure, check out some youtube videos for inspiration. What is your pre-workout routine?

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!