A peaceful escape for nature lovers

Thinking of taking a little trip in South Africa with you friends and family? Well I have found the perfect place  for you in the beautiful rolling hills grassland of Ezemvelo nature reserve. Situated in Mpumalanga Bronkurstspruit just 45 minutes away from Pretoria. It’s the perfect quick weekend getaway for nature lovers. The reserve comprises of eight self catering chalets and two dorm style hikers huts. 3 family huts and 50 camping sites. The reserve has a swimming pool, indoor fireplaces , and laundry facilities and Wi-Fi.
With over 286 bird species, a variety of small and large mammals, there are also 22 plant communities with trees and insects that are unique to the reserve. Also there are different activities that you can do while you  are there. Like go hiking, mountain biking, camping, game drives, horse riding and other leisure activities.
As a big nature lover and fan of traveling, I had a lovely time
that last time I was there. Not only was it a much needed break from the  busy city. It was also nice to smell some fresh air and having animals pass by right beside the camp. Be prepared however as you find yourself coming face to face with some naughty monkeys. Monkeys that can steal your food when you are not looking.

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