Female empowerment

South Africa is country that strive’s for women’s empowerment. Yes we cannot deny the fact that women are still in the minority when it comes to leadership position. But we can also agree that being a women in South Africa is quite beneficial. Especially given the fact that South Africa is a developing county, but a country where women have equal rights as men.

Unlike in some countries, women in South Africa are celebrated for their role. Not just the role they play now, but also in the apartheid era. This is evident in the various holidays we have that celebrate women. From women’s month in August to mother’s day.  Where women are shown appreciation by being celebrated and spoiled. How wonderful is that? There are also programs that are designed to better empower women and educate women to become more involved in business. So if you are a young woman who feels like they don’t have options think again. Because there are tons of opportunities available. All you have to do is look and keep trying. No matter how hard it may be.

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