Afraid of having children?

In a country like South Africa where teenage pregnancy is a huge issue, there is a small percentage of youth which is afraid of having children. This is mostly because there is a belief that once you have a child at a young age then your future and plans have been ruined. As someone who does not have children, I have to say that I am part of this group.

Mainly because I still don’t have my qualification, a decent paying job, and an appropriate place to raise a child. I also don’t feel like I have the support system I need. Especially because I’ve always felt that I don’t want my children to suffer in any way.

Or to experience the struggle I went through as a child of not having a male figure present in my life and losing my mother without inheritance or siblings at a tender age. Which is something that children in South Africa and around the world face.

But the reality is that life is not perfect. However it’s possible to make it as comfortable as possible and suitable for yourself with the decisions that you make. When it comes to having children, my advice would be that if you are not ready to have, then you should consider family planning. This can include trying various contraceptive methods. Or simply following the A B C  method which is to abstain from sex, be faithful and condomise.

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    Immaculate atuhairwe

    I think it’s true. To my side it’s not good to have children at a young age unless you are ready for the responsibilities

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