2018: A more connected year?

Could 2018 be a year in which we develop a more egalitarian and connected world society?

2017 was a year characterised by an ongoing culture of power over, inequality and polarisation: a year in which Trump became the US President, North Korea threatened nuclear war, and Britain moved forward on a conflicted Brexit vote. A year of terrorist attacks, mass shootings and bombings, of starvation crises, child poverty, human trafficking and ongoing persecutions. A world of cyber attacks, offshore accounts and an outpouring of decades of deeply-ingrained systems of sexual harassment and abuse of power.

We know a shift from this can feel implausible, Utopic; too large to actually take place. However, we also know that small actions create huge movements, and believe doable changes in the way we talk to one another and to ourselves can lead to a seismic reshaping of our world. There are many calls to action, yet how can we expect society to change fundamentally when individually, we are unconsciously upholding the systems that maintain power imbalances through the language in which we think and speak?

This is our global appeal for change: UPtimism – to revolutionise thinking through everyday use of language. In 2018 we will be running presentations on UPtimism and training in the UPword language. We invite you to be part of this movement to create more satisfied, invigorated and sustainable relationships, family lives, workplaces, societies, cultures; a desirable global world for all.

If you would like to get involved and help achieve critical mass, email clarity@rivcarubin.com to register your engagement, be kept informed, learn how to use the UPword language, or be part of disseminating and developing UPtimism.

All the best for a delightful and engaging year ahead.

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