Healthy living made easy

When I was looking through new years articles about diets and detoxes to get my year to a healthy start. I was both overwhelmed and also could quickly see myself not following any of them. At least not long enough to see some real change. That is of course until I came across an article which was less diet and detox, and more healthy lifestyle. Which is what we all really need don’t you think?

So before I scare you away with all this health talk let me just cut to the chase. In said article, instead of being told to eat nothing, or cut out all your favorite foods. The article suggested something a little more doable. Something that anyone and everyone can do. Something that I for one can find myself implementing without fail. Or at least, with very little fail. And that is eating five servings of vegetables a day. That means fitting in as many vegetables in your three meals and snacks a day, which is easier to do than you think.

So ladies, instead of going on a diet, or detox that will make you miss food. How about trying something more long term. I know I will be giving this a try. Not just for the nutrient boost, but to also keep me healthy.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!