H&M monkey ad

EA few days ago news broke out that the EFF went out on a rampage in malls causing havoc in the H&M stores. For those of you not familiar with the store.  H&M is a clothing outlet the sells cloths in store’s and online as well. Both in South Africa and abroad.  The reason for the rampage, as it turns out, was because  H&M had aired an advert on the internet that had a black child wearing a hoodie that read “coolest monkey…”.

The, which prides itself on defending economic and social equality took great offense. Especially as the advert was seen as racist by many. Because it described black children who wear the brand as monkey’s. Whilst the EFF was the only party to publicly about the issue. Many on social media stood behind the party. Since then H&M reported that they have planned an anti-racism workshop that is aimed at developing understanding on the controversial hoodie.

The company also committed to consulting with a team and apologized to those who were affected by the campaign. Furthermore the company is committed to making  a positive change to eradicate racism in South Africa and the the world at large. Especially in in South Africa where there is still a huge issue with racism. One that that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Personally I am glad to see people speaking up and wanting change.

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