What makes you feel sexy?

Most people agree that sex is pretty great. And for me feeling sexy is pretty great too. To feel a little va-va-voom from time to time? But imagine feeling like that every single day. Wouldn’t that be great?

The reality is however that women are different. We may have the same characteristics but everyone feels differently. Which means what makes us feel sexy mat vary depending on many different things. For some it can be embracing your natural hair. For others it can be doing your laundry or even wearing your favorite sweatpants to the grocery store. It’s unique  and varies from woman to woman. I, for example, channel my sexy when I’m wearing lace underwear with bright red lipstick.  I find that whatever I’m wearing underneath influences how I feel during the day.

Sexiness can be different for individuals. It doesn’t necessarily need to be anything sex or sexually related but anything that puts a smile on your face. The main aspect of sexiness is confidence. Confidence goes a long way when you’re feeling under the weather. So its important to set your mantra according to how you want to feel. Trust  the inner goddess to strut her stuff even on your worst day. Be your own version of beautiful and stay true to you.

The world has different notions of what is and what is not accepted. However its important to understand that you’re doing this life thing for yourself so dress up in your Sunday best ( or birthday suit ), spoil yourself with expensive perfume and rock those killer heels to lunch with the girls just because you can!  Start seeing what you’re worth and wear that all the time. Finding that confidence in everything you do sets the tone for how you’ll ultimately behave with others.

Remember you’re your own definition of beautiful so be you!

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!