Gambling addiction and how to deal with it

Buying a lottery ticket can seem innocent enough. However it can turn into an addictive habit. Which is why today I am talking about gambling. Gambling is betting on something using money or something of value to make a guess. Whilst there are many different types of gambling. The one thing all gambling has in common is that there is a winner and a loser. The most common types of gabling are slots, online poker, bingo, sport betting and lottery tickets.
Whilst gambling is meant for entertainment, some people end up becoming addicted to gambling and start to see it as a way to make quick cash. However, due to nature of gambling, this could be more wrong. Especially because you don’t win all the time when gambling. Which is why some people start to have problems and keep going back even when they are losing and gambling with money or items they don’t have.  This is when gambling can become addictive and when this otherwise innocent habit can ruin your life.
Which is why it is important to be responsible with gambling and realize that it can be addictive. So it is always good to know when to stop. Even if you are winning a lot more than you lose. Because contrary to what you may believe, at some point you are going to lose, and you might lose big. If you are a gambler its important to know when to stop. And if not, it may be a good idea to not get started. This way you don’t have to try quit later on. Here are some fast facts about gambling to keep in mind;
  • Gambling can take up your time and your money, especially when you become addicted. It can cause you to lose your family and friends.
  • Gambling can be a cause of divorce.
  • Gambling addicts have the heights suicide rate’s.
  • Gambling can make you loose your job as you will won’t be able to focus at work and fail to meet deadlines.
  • Gambling can cause your physical health to deteriorate.
If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, there are people who can help. People like the national gambling board on 086 722 7713. As well as therapists, friends or even family members who can help make you stop gambling.

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