Planning holidays ahead

When it comes to public holidays, I am the last person to catch on that it is actually a holiday. Mainly because I work from home and as such don’t pay much attention to my calendar. At least not as much as someone who works in an office. This often means that when the public holidays and long weekends come around, I am scrambling to plan something. Which is why this year I am making a promise to myself to keep public holidays in mind so I can plan holidays and long weekends in advance.

After all, no matter how much I love my job, nothing beats a little time out to relax, reflect and reboot. Especially as the year becomes stressful and weekends are not enough to recuperate. The best thing about planning ahead is that i also get to explore some near by gems. Places around Johannesburg which I usually don’t visit due to lack of time. Places like hartbeespoort dam, Limpopo and the cradle of human kind to name a few.

These places are not just geographically close, but also offer lots to do during long weekends. From animal parks to water activities, the list is endless.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!