How to make your own infused water

With the summer holidays coming to an end it may be time to ditch the high sugar and fatty foods for healthier options. Whilst this can sound daunting, it doesn’t have to be. After all, a healthy body breeds a healthy mind. Which is why drinking plenty of water can help you on your weight loss journey. Not only does water help flush fat out of your body, it can also be made to taste better by using a few simple tricks.

When I want to drink more water, one thing I try to do is make my water taste better. This not only makes you feel more refreshed but also assists in flushing the toxins in your body out (if you use the right ingredients). After all knowing the right ingredients to use is key.


  • 1 liter jar tap water
  • 2 grapefruit’s  (good for naturally detoxing the body)
  • 2 naartjie/tangerine peeled and seperated (Also good for detoxing and adding flavor)
  • 1 Cucumber
  • 20 mint leaves (Gives your water a nice refreshing taste)



  1. Wash all fruits, peel (optional) and cut into pieces.
  2. Pull mint leaves off of the branch.
  3. Place all fruit pieces and mint into water jug.
  4. Add water and refrigerate overnight.
  5. Drink at least one cup before every meal, a minimum of 3 times per day and enjoy.


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