Foam rolling the best way to stretch your muscles

The first thing you learn when you start going to gym, or doing any kind of physical activity is how important stretching is. Not only before you workout, but also after. Which is why, when I started going to the gym again, one of the first things I bought was a foam roller. This compact cylinder like thing not only helps to stretch sore muscles. But it also give’s you a nice massage after an intense workout.

Which is why I keep mine close to me at all times. And use it when ever my muscles feel tense. Or when I just want a massage on a budget when my neck or shoulders hurt. But beware though, whilst the foam roller can feel amazing, it can also hurt. Especially when you are stiff. Which has been the case for me for the past couple of weeks. Which is why doing just 5 minutes of rolling is enough to give my muscles some relief and get me ready for my next gym session.

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