Instant millionaire?

What would  you do if someone deposited 14 million into your account? That is what happened  few months ago when news broke out of a student that was mistakenly deposited 14 million. The money as it turns out belonged to NSFAS. And the student was only meant to get R1 400.00 for her monthly stipend. Sources reveal that the money was deposited in June last year and by September when the mistake was realized, the young student from Walter Sisulu university had spent over R800 000.00 of the money.
When asked what she had spent the R800 000.00 on. The student said she had spent the money of fine dining , parties and clothing. After the news broke however the remaining money was reversed from her account and authorities are looking into the matter. With so many questions still pending on the student and the money. Lots of people have taken to social media to ask, what would you do if you were an instant millionaire?
I am not sure about you but a lot of people seem to believe they would have done the same thing. What about you? What would you do if you received 14 million in your account?

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