2018: The year for radical self-care

When I started thinking about what I wanted my year to be like, I had a few ideas in mind. Most of them however, were goals around work, relationships and family. When I sat down to look at what I had written I quickly realized that my goals for 2018 were pretty similar to those I wrote in 2017. Sure some had changed as I had achieved them, but the basis of my goals were about the same.

Instead of beating myself up I decided to start afresh, and write a new list. A list with one particular goal in mind. A goal that would help guide me in what I need to do in every aspect of my life. As I’ve mentioned before, 2017 was a great year. Filled with some good (buying a house), some bad (my health) and everything else in-between. When I reevaluated my list I realized the one thing I had been neglecting for a while was me. Taking care of myself, loving myself fearlessly, doing things that make ME happy.

That is when I realized that whilst I am known to take the unintended hiatus when needed. I only reached that point due to lack of self-care beforehand. Meaning, I was so busy pushing everything else that my wants and needs feel away. Or rather got left at the bottom of the list. Until I was either sick, depressed or just burnt out. Which is why this year my one goal for the year is radical self-care. 

This means taking care of my mental, emotional and physical. And doing things that feed all three or at least two. Things that make me happy, feel good, and want to move forward. Whilst it’s too early to say how I am doing, I must say I am feeling a lot lighter this year. And even my work needs are being met as I am finally being vocal about what I enjoy and what I don’t. Same goes with my family and my friends.

Just saying “I can’t I am tired.” has freed me up so much. And for the first time in a while I am enjoying myself. I am also taking care of myself by going to gym more often, taking my vitamins and getting a goods night rest. Goals that previously were “lose weight” are now cemented in the idea of taking better care of myself. Which not only puts less pressure on me, but also feels good. This new goal also leaves me room to admit when I can’t do gym due to work or life commitments.

So ladies, how are you taking care of yourself this year?

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!