Is suicide worth it?

Most of the time in life we face different and difficult challenges. We cannot change what happened to us in the past yet we can do something about the present. After all, only you can decide exactly what is best for your future. Which is why when those tough times come around its important to ask yourself, ” is suicide the solution?”.

Personally I would like to think that suicide is not the solution to any challenge. No matter how big or small it is. Running away from your problems doesn’t solve any of them. Besides, no matter how bad your situation may be you have more to live for.

Because no situation is permanent, it’s a phase in life. And whilst some may not come to experience it ever in their lives, that’s okay because our life journeys are different.

After seeing my friend overdose on pills because her boyfriend dumped her I realized that suicide was a real thing for many people. And whilst I didn’t have any idea of how to help her to stop the suffering, I still wish she would have known that life moves on.

That experience also made me realize that sometimes we perform actions under stress or when emotional. Which is when we make the biggest mistakes.

So the best advice would be that you should always sit down and think things through. Also see if there are any other options like going to a psychologist, talking to a friend or asking for help.  Killing yourself will never solve anything. All it’ll do is just leave a mess behind. And the traumatic stress and confusion you’ll leave with your family and friends isn’t a great way to be remembered.

Your presence is making a difference everyday even when you don’t realize it.  So ladies, lets remember to support one another. And keep in mind that we are special to someone.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!