How to pack for the holidays

Summer holidays are officially here and for many of us that means packing bags and heading off to be with family or friends. Which leads me to my next question, how many times have you come home from a trip and thought you could have done with half the clothes you had been lugging around? As someone who had the packing problem many still face I started to rethink my packing.

I have learnt the hard way but now I am a packing professional. Which is why I decided to  share my tips so you can travel light AND have everything you need. 7 days away for me means packing 7 things to wear for day and 7 things for the evening. Here is my formula for the perfect 7 day holiday suitcase that you can mix, match and even repeat as often as you like.

5 t-shirts: 2 white, 1 black and 2 other colors

3 vests

2 pairs of short: For these try go for denim as you can wear it more than once.  Try choosing simple colors like black, white or blue.

2 pairs of jeans: Whilst summer holidays are about wearing as little as possible to beat the heat, having two denim options will come in handy when the nights get a bit cold or when you are traveling long distance.

2 skirts: You can play around with the kinds of skirts that you take for you. Try a variation of long, short, plain and pattered to give you lots of options.

1 pair of high heels: Whilst you may want to take your sexiest heal, consider going for a cute midi heel that is both comfortable and sexy. Just incase you find yourself dancing the night away.

2 dresses: Again the kinds of dresses you pick will depend on you and what looks good on you. I like to take one mini dress and one maxi dress that can both be work day and night.

1 jacket: Whilst it is not likely you will need one. Taking one jacket is always a good idea for those unexpected cold nights. Try go for a denim jacket that will go with anything.

1 pair silver or gold flat sandals

2 bikinis/swimming costumes

1 sarong/wrap

Hope my list is helpful in getting you started when doing your own packing.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!