3 workout apps to try

With so many of us using our smart phones for everything. From meditation to work, it has become common to rely on your phone for just about everything. Which is why when I was looking for a way to up my workout, I turned to my trusty phone for some inspiration.

That is when I came across a number of workout apps that promised me personal trainer results on a budget. With my phone in hand and a bit of data, I started reading up on the best apps to use for achieving my fitness goals. Whilst the kinds of apps can differ depending on the type of phone you use. Most apps, are compatible with both android and iPhone. After months of trying various apps I have landed on my top 3 workout apps. Which don’t just do the job but are also wallet friendly.

  1. Nike Training App: I’ve spoken about this app a few times before and I am still a huge fan of it. Having managed to get me out of my workout rut. The Nike app is perfect if you want to learn form and get motivated. Not only does the app remind you of your workouts. A voice also guides you through each move to make sure you are doing it correctly. (Cost: Free)
  2. Sweat by Kayla: I have heard many many things about this program and I must say I was skeptical at first. Not only do the transformations I see online seem too good to be true. I am also not a huge fan of dieting. Whilst I do my best to eat well (about 70-80% of the time) I was, and am still reluctant to go on a diet. Just because I feel that I’ve gotten to a good place with my diet where I am concious about what I eat and snack on. That being said I am currently on week four of the BBG program and I must say I am loving it. Whilst the workouts are a bit more intense than the Nike training one’s I do feel stronger and can see slight changes in my body. Not only that but even without the diet I actually feel good pushing my body to the limits. (Cost: +-R300.00 pm)
  3. Nike running club: Nike does it again. This time with a free running app that helps track your running progress. Whilst I have tried the app a few times, I must say that its just not for me. Mainly because I struggle with running and get back pains if I run for too long. A problem, which as I’ve learnt is because I have a weak core. Once my core is strong and I can run more than 10 minutes without being in pain. I have seen how much people around me love it. And I must say, seeing their progress, gives me a bit of fomo. (Cost: Free)

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!