Bullying on the rise

.Lately there has been a rise in bullying across the world as seen in recent news and trending videos. One such video is of a 15 year old leaner from Doman Secondary school in Athlone. The video shows the student being bullied by a fellow student which has caused lots of outrage in the community as it has gone viral.
Parents of the bullied student have laid a charge of assault and bullying at the Athlone police station. And the school has requested the perpetrators to come forward so that action against them can be taken in accordance with the schools code of conduct. Furthermore the school has offered to provide the bullied student with counseling and have the bullies put into a rehabilitation program.
I have seen numerous videos besides the one I mentioned above and I must say that I am shocked. Especially given the level of violence and abuse some students have to endure at the hands of classmates. This makes me think that more needs to be done by schools so children don’t become victims of bullying.
Personally I have never been a victim of bullying. Nor have I been a perpetrator but I have seen people being bullied. Which after the past couple of months I realize is wrong. Especially as I usually just stand by and don’t stand up to the bullies.
After speaking to some friends I realize that we have all witnessed some form of bullying even beyond schools. Which is why I think it is important that everyone makes bullying a thing of the past. After all, today it could be someone else, but tomorrow it could be me. So ladies, I want to know, what are some other ways you think we can end bullying for good? If not for ourselves then for the emotional well being of children.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!