Travel on a budget

The festive season is the perfect time to travel. Whether it be to see friends, family, or even just get out of town; changing your surroundings can be good for you. For me the festive season is about getting best of both worlds. Reconnecting with loved ones and getting some much needed rest. Which is why when it comes to traveling, its always best to find budget friendly options. Especially after you factor in all the other things you spend money on during the festive season, like gifts etc. Which is why I have compiled a list of my top 3 budget friendly vacations. So whether you go alone or with a loved one, I hope you love them as much as I do.

  1. Mdumbi back packers: When I first about the remote backpackers of Mdumbi, I was not sure what to expect. But after spending a relaxing and internet free time in this little piece of heaven I was hooked. Not only is Mdumbi super affordable, it is also the perfect place to spend time relaxing and ding nothing but swimming in the ocean, eating fresh seafood, meeting new people and sleeping. With rooms that start at just R350.00 for two with the option to buy and cook you own meals. Mdumbi is one of my favorite South African travel spots.
  2. Durban: If you live in Durban this may not apply but if you are a city girl like me living in Johannesburg who also loves the sea, then Durban is just for you. Just a few hours drive from Johannesburg and countless options for accommodation through sites like airbnb and hotels, you can spend your time swimming in the ocean, eating and yes sleeping. Given that its close by its also the perfect place to go on a last minute vacation.
  3. Drakensburg: When I first went to the Drakensburg with my now fiance, I was struck by just how much there was to do. Especially if you enjoy the outdoors. As someone who hates most outdoor activities, I was happy to find out that I actually loved hiking, which there is plenty of in the Drakensburg. With amazing views, ample accommodation options for every price range and lots of opportunity to be outdoors, its the perfect place to reconnect with nature. Especially if you are exposed to the hustle and bustle of the city all year round.

So ladies, what are some of your go to affordable holiday spots? Share them by leaving a comment below and don’t forget, no matter what you do remember to be safe.

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