How to prepare for an interview

Whilst many of us are preparing for the festive season, some of us are looking to make big changes in the new year like changing jobs. Which is why it is important to know how to prepare for an interview. To start off I have to admit going for an interview can be really stressful sometimes. Especially  if you don’t know anything  about the company or even the people who are going to interview you.

What I always  do to ease the stress is to take some time and do some research about the company. And in so doing get a bit of confidence because I get to know the vision, mission and also the values of the company. Which is why preparation  and doing a research really helps because it gives you a picture of the company you will be working for and furthermore you will be able to answer question if asked about the company.  Here are a few ways you can prepare for your next interview;

  • Find out everything you can about the job
  • Find out everything you can about the company
  • Plan to dress neatly and smart
  • Make sure you know where to go and how to get there
  • Be at least 15 minutes early
  • Rehearse your reason for applying for the job
  • Switch your phone off before going into the interview room
  • Make eye contact and wait for them to offer you a seat

In conclusion always plan and prepare for each job interview specifically so your nerves are at ease and you are more confident.

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