DIY purifying skin toner

After going natural with my skin care routine, I found it difficult to find a natural, non-toxic toner that would keep my skin clear and break out free. Which is when, after lots of searching I decided to make my own. Whilst I am no skin care specialist, I did as much research as possible to find out what ingredients would give me the results I wanted. The first ingredient I learnt about was witch hazel, which is quite drying, but which works as an astringent and kills bacteria. The second ingredient was apple cider vinegar. I know ladies, sounds crazy, and at first I was reluctant to put vinegar on my face but decided to give it a go anyways.

Lastly I found that rose water was the perfect skin balancing ingredient, which would make the apple cider vinegar and witch hazel a little less potent. The first thing I did was buy a glass jar with a pump to mix everything in and from there it was trial and error. Whilst i still don’t have an exact recipe, I do have a toner that is both natural and effective. Here is a rough recipe for you to try at home;

  1. Put 1/2 cup rose water and 1/4 cup witch hazel in a glass jar
  2. Carefully add spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar whilst testing it out on your skin.
  3. Whilst testing out the toner make sure that it does not burn the skin. If it does, add more rosewater to neutralize the other two ingredients.
  4. Shake the bottle, and keep away from light and use within 3 months of mixing.
  5. Make sure to moisturize the skin well after use as witch hazel can be drying to the skin.


What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!