Homemade air freshener

When I first heard about this from one of my girlfriends I immediately thought making my own homemade air freshener sounded too good to be true. Not only is it possible, but it is also super easy to make. Here are the things you will need yo make your own sir freshener;

• A small glass jar
• Baking soda
• Your favourite essential oil (I like neroli)
• Tin foil
And here is where I blow your mind. To make your air freshener:

  1. Pour your baking soda into your small jar until it’s about 1/4 full.
  2. Now pay attention because here is where it gets complicated. After you have your baking soda in your mason jar, add about 8-9 drops of your essential oil, cover the top with tin foil and poke 3 or 4 holes in the top of it. And boom! You have got yourself an air freshener that keeps the room smelling amazing for a few weeks.

Just make sure that every few days or so when you notice the smell fading, you go and shake your jar so that it releases more of the scent and get’s rid of those smells that we are sometimes immune to smelling ourselves.

Finally, if you aren’t a big fan of the tin foil and would prefer to pretty yours up, just use an old jar lid and decorate the jar (and lid) as you wish. You might need a hammer and nail to make the holes in the lid of your jar.

Homemade air freshener: it’s cheap, it’s easy, and it smells great. It is also one of my new favourite things!

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!