Words left unsaid

In whatever we do in life communication is always involved. Whether it is verbal or non verbal, it still plays a huge role in many relationships. Communication is essential everywhere to create order and understanding. And unsaid words can have a negative or a good impact on people’s lives.

All of us in some aspect have experienced not saying certain things to others when given the opportunity to do so. And when those people are no longer alive we realize the importance of expressing yourself when you still had the chance.

After all, we never know when and how we will all die and that’s more reason why a person has to live life to the fullest each day. Life will never be perfect although you have the ability to try and make it suitable for yourself. Like they say the richest place in the world is the grave, there lies many ideas which were never implemented. And unsaid words that could have made a difference.

So ladies, don’t die with what’s in your heart.  Communicate as much as you can and never live with doubt.

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