9 summer wardrobe must haves

Summer is officially here and the temperature is all the way up. I don’t know about you but summer can feel a little daunting for me. Especially during the current heat wave we are having when everything in my closet feels to hot to wear. Which is why I did some research and tried to find some easy to ways to stay cool and stylish all summer long.

  1. White t-shirts: Whilst I am usually one to gravitate to black everything, white is the perfect summer color. Not only is it cool but also chic and can be paired with anything. From denim cut-offs to midi skirts. I will be stocking up on these to keep me cool.
  2. Sunglasses: Whether you prefer something dramatic or just a simple pair, keeping your eyes covered during summer is a must.
  3. Denim cut-offs: If someone had told me a while ago that I would be advocating let alone wearing denim cut offs I would have shook my head. After all, I always saw denim cut-offs as anything but chic. But after doing some research found some wallet and style friendly options at shops like Woolworths, Levi’s and even Mr Price.
  4. Shirt dresses: As someone who works from home, I like having items of clothing I can throw on and forget about. Which is why the shirt dress is the perfect summer item. Not only can it keep me cool during especially hot days. But I can also put on a wedge or brogue for a last minute work meeting.
  5. Interchangeable earrings: I love myself a good interchangeable earring. Something that you can switch up from day to night in one easy step.
  6. Summer hat: As someone who doesn’t like hats too much, I must say that I am starting to like them more and more. Especially given how much they can elevate a look. From straw hats to caps and everything else in between. Hats are great not just to protect your face, neck and eyes from the sun, but to also make you look chic.
  7. Espadrils: Nothing says summer quite like a good espadril, which is why owning one, or two good pairs is a must for summer. It also helps that they come in different heel heights for different occasions. And can take you from classes to a summer pool party.
  8. One piece swim suit: Now before you start rolling your eyes hear me out. Whilst I get the allure of bikinis I find one pieces to be far more forgiving. Especially when you are lounging around and eating all day in it. Also I truly believe hat nothing says modest chic like a one piece, trust me.
  9. Confidence: This is ALWAYS my number one must have, come rain or shine because it not only ensures that what ever it is you are wearing you feel confident, but it also never goes out of style. Which is why its important to work on your confidence all year round. And try not to stress too much about having the “perfect summer body” because in all honesty, you are beautiful when you feel beautiful.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!