8 things I wish guys knew about getting physical

We love our men. Well rounded guys who rock our world and whom we can have great sex with. Unfortunately, there are a few unspoken mishaps that we ladies often find hard to talk to our guys about. So here are a few things we wished our partners knew (or how we REALLY feel) about sex:

  1. Oral after a night out.
    After a crazy night out of partying up a sweat, the last thing most woman want is oral sex. With your your man going down on you. Not only is it totally uncomfortable for us, but after a night of dancing, it can also be sweaty and smelly.  Of course we are not the only ones. Even guys need to understand that giving a blow job after dancing or lots of physical activity is not sexy at all.

  2. The clit is a sensitive area.
    It doesn’t benefit from it being bashed or pinched like an Xbox controller button. In fact, it kinda hurts ALOT. Which is why being gentle will always earn your partner extra points.

  3. Balls: We just don’t know what to do with them. Do we put them in our mouth? Play with them? Lick them? WHAT? Communication here is key and I don’t know about you ladies, but I would like some advice on this one.

  4. Penis size: Unless he’s literally got a pocket-sized penis, size doesn’t matter. It’s actually the big scary penises that upset us more. They hurt and can be hugely uncomfortable. Depending on his size it’s best to ask if you’re okay and do positions that can make the penetration slightly bearable.

  5. Penis pics: We don’t find penis pics sexy. Major turn off. End of conversation.

  6. We like kissing: We miss the sort of long make-out sessions we had as teenagers. He can throw some dry humping in the mix too.

  7. A little direction goes a long way: So when we ask him what he like’s and he just says “anything” or “what ever you like”, it’s not that helpful. Come on guys, give us some specifics. Help us be amazing PLEASE. It will also give us room to talk about what we love.

  8. Ask before you do anything crazy: Facials? Anal sex? Deep throating? Please ask loudly and clearly (and listen for an answer) before attempting any of these stunts.

Let us always remember great sex comes from being comfortable with your partner so it’s time to speak out. After all, great sex often comes from good communication.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!