Low GI

Low GI stands for low Glycemic Index. This index helps determine and even with actual tests on the effect of certain products on one’s blood glucose. It also determines the physiological measure of how fast and the extent that carbohydrate foods affect the blood glucose level.

What to expect when your expecting

Finding out that you are pregnant can leave you bubbling with joy. During my first few weeks after finding out that the baby is on the way, I was just untouchable, forever smiling, just couldn’t hold it. But when time goes on you’ll have mixed emotions, want to cry, laugh, feeling lonely and all this can be good or bad. It’s very easy to become obsessive about yourself in pregnancy as your daily routine is affected by pregnancy. Whilst pregnancy can be a beautiful thing, it can also be scary. It has ups and downs; some days you might not even want the job of being a parent and feel the pressure of raising a human being and being responsible.